Tibor Simon-Mazula

Place of Origin: Békéscsaba, Hungary

I left Budapest five years ago, since then I have worked in Dubai, traveled around Asia, and three years ago, arrived in San Francisco.  People who I have met and places where I have been inspired my current work.  However, the figures within my art pieces could be anyone; the buildings and streets could be anywhere.  Abstraction breaks down visual boundaries, it allows me to share my experience and keeps the viewer engaged.  During the painting process I trust my instincts.  Working intuitively is a refuge, which not only shields me from the external world, but creates a connection.  I calm down when the brush caresses the canvas, when the paint splashes, and the palette knife scratches, I break away from the grip of the world through the lively expressive action of painting.  On the canvas, sometimes thick oil paint is mixed with bone ash or marble dust curls which create cracks like the dry earth, but some areas are left empty as if a storm had swept through the image.

Available Artwork

What is Decipher Art™?

The gallery offers a unique filter called “Decipher Art™”. Through this innovative psychologically-oriented filter the artist communicates the potential emotional reaction that you may experience from each particular art piece. This feature adds a practical and functional aspect that goes beyond esthetics, enabling you to create the desired emotional state within a space.