Theo Felizzola

Place of Origin: Porto Alegre, Brazil

I want to find true beauty and live surrounded by it.  As a male, the attraction to the delicate and complex beauty of the female form is a spark of light.  That light is enough to show me the start of each artwork that I create.  But the beauty I seek is much more profound than what my eyes are able to decode.  It is something that I feel and strive to portray through the creative act of painting.  Into each painting, I want to translate what my soul feels about the subject, as I absorb it and transform it into something else.

Visually, my work is balanced by two artistic forces, the traditional realism and the expressive abstract.  I have selected painting as my medium because it allows me to easily travel back and forth between those two visual languages, and all that is in-between. Generally, I am more assertive and intuitive as I abstractly interpret the environment in which the figure will sit.  I start composing the picture with big shapes of simple color, using palette knives and big brushes to set up a good variety of thickness and texture.  Once these initial abstract layers are set and dry, I compose the figures into the abstractions.  The figures are more realistic in style, but I keep a loose and painterly style in order to keep a unity within abstract and representation.  The paintings reveal a dance of shape and line, vibrant colors playing with muted ones and a contemplative realist beauty dialoguing with expressive surroundings full of movement and speed.  The result is an art piece with its own life and beauty, surfaced from my expressive interpretation of the beautiful woman and her environment.

Available Artwork

What is Decipher Art™?

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