Shawn Vales

Place of Origin: New York City, New York

I have always been deeply intrigued by those “big” unanswerable questions.  The kind of questions that make life full of wonder and mystery.  It has become my strong source of inspiration, which manifests as a mysterious quality about my work.  There is a vague sense of familiarity in the reminiscent forms, however the context is merely suggestive. 

Much of the ambiguous quality of my work stems from my process.  Painting from just outside of my comfort zone challenges me to be innovative with my design and application as well as with the colors, rhythms and textures I create.  Intuition guides the development of each piece as I work in layers.  Each subsequent layer alters the tone and direction of the piece.  Painting becomes a challenge to balance the tension between layers.  The result is an impact that combines abstract painting with surreal tones.

Perception and wonder are two very strong themes of my work.  I want my audience to contemplate what they are looking at until they are overtaken by wonder.  Paint is my preferred medium because it enables me to express abstract feelings through illusion and plasticity.  Painting is the expression of my higher interests, which inspires my art and my way of being.  

Available Artwork

What is Decipher Art™?

The gallery offers a unique filter called “Decipher Art™”. Through this innovative psychologically-oriented filter the artist communicates the potential emotional reaction that you may experience from each particular art piece. This feature adds a practical and functional aspect that goes beyond esthetics, enabling you to create the desired emotional state within a space.