Shaul Tsemach

Place of Origin: Jerusalem, Israel

Creating “visual language” through art reflects my fascination with the primal and symbiotic relationship between humanity and the natural world.  In my paintings, I juxtapose organic elements and natural patterns with abstract and imaginative landscapes, using color and design, layers of rich texture, collages of digitally-manipulated photographs, textual material, and found objects to reflect the infinite beauty of a sentient natural world.

My creative process is spontaneous and intuitive, employing the technique of applying and removing layers of paint to reveal the cosmic flow of life and to reflect the wordless discourse across all of nature, which is the eternal and essential conversation that is “visual language”.

My artwork is at once abstract and figurative, balancing ambiguity with the familiar, in a style that allows elemental forms to evoke a transcendent reality.

Available Artwork

What is Decipher Art™?

The gallery offers a unique filter called “Decipher Art™”. Through this innovative psychologically-oriented filter the artist communicates the potential emotional reaction that you may experience from each particular art piece. This feature adds a practical and functional aspect that goes beyond esthetics, enabling you to create the desired emotional state within a space.