John Wentz

Place of Origin: San Francisco, California

Stark landscapes and dilapidated carnival structures serve as backdrops to my art pieces which are often described as hauntingly beautiful.  Among these landscapes, figures wander and gaze in gas masks, interacting with the changing world around them.  The gas mask appears throughout the imagery in this series, symbolizing the fear of the unseen and unknown.  Like many potent symbols in my work, it represents the will to survive amid the dehumanizing effects of war.  The moody and dystopian atmospheres are punctuated by subtle color shifts and a variety of paint applications varying from meticulous rendering, to loose, abstract expressionist strokes, describing figures and places like a visual shorthand. 

Available Artwork

What is Decipher Art™?

The gallery offers a unique filter called “Decipher Art™”. Through this innovative psychologically-oriented filter the artist communicates the potential emotional reaction that you may experience from each particular art piece. This feature adds a practical and functional aspect that goes beyond esthetics, enabling you to create the desired emotional state within a space.