Albert Ramos Cortés

Place of Origin: Barcelona, Spain

When I left my home in Spain I left behind the people I love, the places where I grew up and the situations that were familiar to me, but I brought these memories with me.  These memories are the foundation of my current body of work, they are the link to what I left behind and who I was, therefore I feel the need to capture them as artwork before they get lost in time.

Every memory tells a different story; hence every painting is treated differently.  I intricately design my paintings slowly to allow time to organize and arrange my memories, making their representation a more realistic rendering than the images in my head.  The textures and the strokes remain visible; they are the product of oil and mud.  The designing and painting process become part of the narrative of every art piece.

Available Artwork

What is Decipher Art™?

The gallery offers a unique filter called “Decipher Art™”. Through this innovative psychologically-oriented filter the artist communicates the potential emotional reaction that you may experience from each particular art piece. This feature adds a practical and functional aspect that goes beyond esthetics, enabling you to create the desired emotional state within a space.